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As you're reading this, its July...thats right, July! This year seems to be going so quickly, I'm suddenly having that mid-year panic about what I have and haven't done. Obviously I'm worried that I haven't invested my time as well as I should have, and haven't achieved as much as I want. In an attempt to be more productive, I've decided to compile a list of things I plan to do this month...


Something I've been wanting to improve on for a while is my overall diet. I'll be the first to admit theres too much sugar in my diet, and lately I've been eating a lot of junk. A lot of the junk I eat is usually consumed at work: cookies, chocolate, cake... the list is never ending! Of course I love all of those things but I want to have these things in moderation and enjoy them, rather than eating them every day just because I'm bored. I also want to eat better in general by having more nutritious meals and three a day. I'm awful for rushing out the door and not having any breakfast, so I really want to make an effort to eat every morning even if it means preparing something the night before. I've been reading some healthy cookbooks lately, and they've really motivated me to get into gear and make some better changes. My current favourite is Pinch of Nom which is full of slimming, home-style recipes- it even has a section dedicated to 'fakeaways'! 


I really wish I had the time to put the effort into my blog that I would like too, but sometimes working full time and trying to maintain a social life can get in the way of this. Sometimes I feel like I'm making excuses for not blogging and I would really like to stop doing that! I've got so many post ideas, so its just time to execute them.


One of the best things about being in a relationship is that I always have someone to try new places with. It can be quite daunting going to try a new place by yourself, but my boyfriend is always happy to come along to all the cute little cafes and bars I want to visit. Even though I do try new places quite often, I do want to make a conscious effort to choose independent places over chains- why go to Costa when there is a charming cafe round the corner instead? Not only do I want to visit more places within my city, but outside of it too. We're travelling to Amsterdam later this month and you can bet I'll be sniffing about to find the cute, independent cafes and restaurants!

I hope you all enjoyed this post- it was short and sweet, but it'll be nice to look over my goals over the next month or two and see if I've managed to fulfil them! Do you have any goals for this month?

Something I've become dedicated to lately is living my best life. I've came to the realisation that life is short, so why we spend our time not living the life we're craving? I've put together a few of my favourite ways to start living the life you deserve!


This is something which can take a long time because a lot of the time we don't realise that those who we spend the most time with are actually incredibly damaging to our wellbeing. I've always been a fairly forgiving person, but sometimes it comes to a point where you need to do whats best for you and ask why you're letting yourself be treat in such a way which makes you question your worth. I've had my fair share of friendships which for a long time seemed like the best thing that ever happened to me- that is until I started noticing all of the red flags which I previously ignored. I'll be honest- ending friendships can be painful, especially when they feel like family to you. Looking back, I'm grateful that I constantly got lied to and left behind because its made me a stronger person and I no longer tolerate shit from anyone. Trust me, once you stop communicating with negative influences, you will flourish! 


Out of all of these steps, this is by far the most important! If you're wanting to manifest great things in your life, the key to being successful in doing so is showing gratitude for what you already have. Its easy to get annoyed at seemingly small things like the wifi running slow, or making a cup of tea and realising the milk is off; these may seem like nuisances, but have you ever considered that being grateful for these mishaps can actually bring more good into your life? Be grateful that you even have wifi and you have a device like a phone or a laptop to use the internet. Be grateful that you are able to fill the kettle with water from the tap- some people don't even have clean water. I like to do a daily gratitude practise where I write down three things that I'm grateful for that day- this is an amazing exercise to do to change your mindset! 


I've currently been reading Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas; Denise is a self-made millionaire who went from having no money and being in a job she hated to travelling the world and making her dreams come true. If theres things you want to change in your life, then this is the book for you! My favourite part so far is where she talks about how you should 'treat yourself like a VIP'. Only wearing your expensive perfume exclusively 'for best' or trying beauty regimes on yourself like dyeing your hair or tinting your eyelashes are just a couple of examples Denise gives on why you might not be treating yourself as good as you thought. Why shouldn't I be able to wear Chanel No.5 to bed (totally aware I'm not Marilyn Monroe)? Why shouldn't I get my hair done at a salon instead of using a home toner? I can do these things and more because I choose to. If you want to change your life for the better, practising self-love and self-care is the perfect place to start. 

Thank you so much if you've read to the end of this post! I'm going to be posting a lot more in the future- mainly lifestyle, beauty and law of attraction based posts. Blogging is something I've been meaning to do for a while, but I just never had the motivation for it. But, here I am, a self-motivated queen ready to blog to my heart's content! 

Who doesn't love a good makeup haul? Most of these items are just products that I ran out of-  does anyone else find it slightly annoying when you have to spend actual money on makeup essentials? Honestly I'd rather spend the money to buy an eyeshadow palette with rainbow shades in it but I can't be going without foundation. Nevertheless, a couple of these products are literally my holy grails and I can't live without them!


So I ran out of this primer a month or two ago and never bothered purchasing another one, however I noticed my skin hasn't been as great as it was when I was using it. Yes, it could be to do with the copious amounts of sugar I intake on a daily basis, but I always wear a high coverage foundation and its probably doing a fair bit of damage to my skin if theres no barrier there. This primer promises to smooth over your skin and give you a perfect base to apply your makeup on and honestly this couldn't be more true! You can buy this 30ml primer in Boots for £16.50- slightly pricey, however my last tube lasted months and you only need to apply a little at a time. 


Okay so this is literally my holy grail foundation. I first tried this foundation last year at the No.7 counter at my local boots and oh my god, paired with the primer mentioned above my skin has never looked so good (I promise this isn't an ad!). My skin is a bit awkward, sometimes dry, sometimes oily, so its always been hard to find a foundation that really works, but I've found that this stays on my face all day and makes my face look glowy. This is a cream foundation that comes in a little compact, so you don't have to worry about it smashing or anything. The only bad thing about this foundation is the shade range- theres literally six shades, like come on! I use the shade deeply beige as I'm a self-confessed fake tan addict, so it matches nicely with my tan. I genuinely think more people would use this foundation if there were more shades, its such a hidden gem. 


I was in desperate need of a new foundation brush as the No.7 one I've been using has started shedding, and having brush hairs on your face ain't a great look. I decided to get the Morphe MB9 foundation brush as it had good reviews and was only £5.50- such a bargain! I have got a few Morphe eyeshadow brushes and I've never experienced shedding with them, so I'm excited to give this brush a go. 


You know when you best friend is the best and she gets you cute presents, just because? My best pal Katie got me the most gorgeous set of Eyelure lashes which I've been eyeing up for a while now. These are part of the Eyelure Luxe collection, which are are all mink effect- my favourite kind! I usually wear wispy lashes on a daily basis or for work, however when I'm going out I always go for a pair of mink-effect lashes because they just transform your makeup and make it look so much more luxurious. I can't wait to try these lashes out- a good excuse to go for cocktails! 

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You don't need to be my best friend to know that Dirty Dancing is my all-time favourite film. Honestly, I live, breathe, sleep and eat Dirty Dancing (quite literally- I made Dirty Dancing cupcakes last week!). I knew something special would be happening as its the 30th anniversary of the film this year, so naturally I had to see if there was anything exciting happening. Luckily, I came across this gem on Amazon and pre-ordered it straight away!

The UK 30th anniversary edition of Dirty Dancing includes a few exclusive items: 4 Kellerman's postcards, foldout Dirty Dancing poster, Kellerman's resort brochure and map and a disc full of special features, including a never before seen interview with Patrick Swayze, There is also a US version available to buy- obviously Americans do everything bigger and better, as you can see with this version. The American 30th anniversary edition includes a lot more exclusive items, such as a Baby compact mirror and a Kellerman's room key for Baby's room. Some of the items are the same as the ones included in the UK edition, however if you are literally a die hard Dirty Dancing fan, then I would say treat yo' self and indulge in the pure magic and brilliance of this film. I now completely want to deck my bedroom out to look like I'm having the time of my life in the Catskill Mountains, enjoying the summer of 1963.

I don't know how, but I somehow went 18 years and 8 months of my life without watching the best film known to man- Dirty Dancing. Like seriously, I went this long without seeing a very muscular Patrick Swayze grace my screen with that dancing and those eyes? All I can say is that I'm absolutely obsessed with this film. Now, I've consumed many 80s films in the past, one of my firm favourites being Ferris Bueller's Day Off (which also coincidentally stars Jennifer Grey) but I honestly couldn't even compare that to Dirty Dancing, it would be sinful. Seriously, I thought Ferris Bueller was cute, but then I met Johnny Castle and everything went from 0-100 real quick. So, amid this Dirty Dancing fascination, I ended up buying a few goodies, just like any decent Patrick Swayze fan would do. 

Naturally buying the DVD was the first step in achieving a worthy Dirty Dancing fan status, just so I can watch it religiously, obviously. I don't really buy DVDs that much these days, purely because (just like anyone else) I find it easier and cheaper to just watch films online or on Netflix. Unfortunately Netflix don't have Dirty Dancing (but they have Ghost so its not all bad) so I was fine with buying the physical copy; it can now sit in my beloved DVD drawer next to The Iron Lady and The Shawshank Redemption. 

A popular spot for filmgoers in Newcastle is Tyneside Cinema, based on their selection of indie and classic films. I saw that the cinema was showing Jaws as part of a summer screening, so I tweeted them asking if they would be playing Dirty Dancing anytime soon and as if by magic, they were showing the film within two weeks. Naturally I bought tickets and had the time of my life (not even sorry for that reference). Honestly though, if you ever have the opportunity to see your favourite film on the big screen then I couldn't recommend the experience enough; theres just something so special about being in a room full of people with the same thing in the common- you all share the same passion for one piece of cinema. I can happily say that I will be seeing Dirty Dancing next time it is shown on the big screen (I sound so confident, but who can possibly resist Johnny Castle busting some moves in Cuban heels?). 

The last things in this haul are my favourites. Firstly, I bought the Dirty Dancing soundtrack on vinyl. As long as I was obsessed with this film, buying the soundtrack on vinyl was inevitable. I don't know if its just because I'm in awe of the whole film, but its easily the best soundtrack I've ever heard. The album is an unreal combination of 60s and 80s romantic gems which make you want to get up and dance with each and every listen. Although this soundtrack only features the main songs from the film, if you're a Dirty Dancing fan, I would suggest looking up the "More Dirty Dancing" playlist on Spotify, as it includes every song from the film which isn't on the album, such as Big Girls Don't Cry and Love Man. Now I've saved the best until last. Yes thats right, I bought a t-shirt that says "Stay Swayze" on the front alongside a picture of the man himself. Do I even need to say anything more? All you need to know is that you can get the t-shirt from RedBubble and I totally haven't been wearing it to bed every night. 
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